Ten Reasons Why You Should Have the MasterTune


1) End of the jetting “nightmare” of every race. Stop the guess and mess. Tune “on the fly”.

2) Obtain maximum performance during the race, monitoring EGT temperature and adjusting accordingly.

3) During the race, if not fighting for position, preserve your equipment by richening the mixture.

4) End the mess of taking the bowl apart, spilling gas, etc. at the last minute.

5) Infinite gradual jet size increments, ex. 194, 195, 196…

6) Built of aircraft precision and quality materials.

7) Easy to reach adjusting knob. Can be positioned anywhere in the vehicle.

8) Reliable and affordable.

9) Works in any carburetor.

10) Patented and manufactured by racers, for racers.



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10 Reasons Why you should have the MasterTune 

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